Moustaches galore for Minnesota Wild and fans

4:08 PM, Nov 18, 2010   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- It's one of the most defining physical characteristics of an NHL hockey player. If missing teeth is number one, facial hair is a close second.

Some players have scruff or go for style, while others are just now realizing they have facial hair to begin with.

Nick Schultz is growing a moustache this month to make a statement.

"He's probably my closest friend growing up. So, to do this for him in support of him and everyone who has prostate cancer that's battling with that and the whole men's health in general," says Schultz.

A year ago, the father of Schultz's close friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In response, the 28-year-old defender was turned on to a website called It's a non-profit organization promoting awareness and research funds for men's health, but with a twist. It requires its "Mo Bro's" to grow moustaches. This fashion statement serves as a conversation starter to talk about prostate cancer in November.

"Movember started back in 2004 with four guys at a bar who wanted to bring back the awesomeness of the moustache. And they decided to grow moustaches and then donate money to the prostate cancer foundation," says local Movember representative Jay Epping. "Over the past seven years, its become a total global event raising over $100 million since then."

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So, at the beginning of November in 2009, Nick's moustache started to grow. Before he knew it, his wild teammates started joining in by growing moustaches of their own.

"With having a young team with guys like Clutterback, Harding, Brodziak a lot of these guys kind of did it right away and everyone else started following suit. By the end of the month we had Owen Nolan, Andrew Brunette, everyone kind of had a moustache going. So it was good," says Schultz

This year, KARE-11 is teaming up with Nick and the Wild to make this Movember bigger than ever. During the November 26th home game, we're going for a Guinness World Record at Xcel Energy Center; the most real moustaches in one place. The current record is 151, meaning we need your help by growing your moustache to promote Movember and break a world record.

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Obviously, not everyone can grow a moustache. So the Wild is passing out fake ones to everyone who walks into the arena on November 26. Meaning, the 'X' will be the team of 18,000 moustaches.

"To see people in the stands in the afternoon game, its going to be fun. And with having moustaches on, it's going to be an interesting look in the crowd," says Schultz. has guides on how to grow your moustache, and what looks to strive for. Wild forward Cal Clutterbuck grows the best facial hair on the team. He knows a thing or two about a good moustache.

"There's cheesy bad and then there's bad, bad. I mean, Koivu's moustache was pretty embarrassing last year," says the Wild forward. "All the Finnish guys, with the exception of Backstrom. He's probably the hairiest guy on the team."

What's the biggest no-no when it comes to growing a moustache?

"Go big or go home. You can't be in between. The in between moustaches give moustaches a bad name."

Clutterbuck started the hockey season with a full beard. Recently, he shaved down to his Movember moustache. "I like it, I think its a statement piece. Its there, I like how noticeable it is."

You can get your moustache noticed too. After the November 26th game, the Mo Bro's will get a chance to go on the ice with Nick Schultz and the Wild to take a group picture.

"Everyone wants to grow moustache at some point at least from a guy's standpoint and this gives the excuse to do it," says Epping. "And its also such an important cause. If you look at the statistics, one out of every six men will get prostate cancer."

Schultz agrees. "Things come full circle, and moustaches are one of those things that are kind of making a come back."

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