A round of dynamic river miniature golf

5:45 PM, Jun 2, 2011   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The mighty Mississippi river flows right by the Science Museum of Minnesota, but that river is anything but constant. We're reminded of that in spring.

"Rivers are very dynamic. Rivers are constantly evolving over time," explained Patrick Hamilton of the Science Museum of Minnesota.

So the Science Museum thought, why not mix a bit of fun with science?

"We really want to help people understand through this miniature golf course that landscapes are in constant flux," said Hamilton. "The first view is an overview of the entire  North American continent."

Each hole demonstrates a different part of the dynamic river system.

Hamilton explains: "We got water flowing from the mountains, streams flowing into rivers, flowing through the plain and into the ocean. Hole number four is about urban landscapes. Even in urban environments we live in watersheds. Hole number six is about rainwater gardens. What  we can do to help capture storm water run off in urban areas."

They even have a meandering river which can flood periodically and change course.

"This meandering  river changes flow over time," said Hamilton, "But, periodically it floods, cuts off the meander, and goes into flood mode."

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