'KARE 11 Messy Garage Contest' winner reveals new digs

5:05 PM, Apr 26, 2012   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- The winning photo submission from the Carik family to the KARE 11 Messy Garage Contest showed lots of potential for turning a clutter trap into a functional garage space. One organized enough that mom, Stacy, could park her van inside!

After the family had de-cluttered the unneeded and unused items from the stall, organizing guru Louise Kurzeka of Everythings Together teamed up with space genius Rick Lyrek of Closets For Life to max the available space and get all the kid stuff organized and accessible.

Louise's solutions included:
• Designate taped areas as parking lots for strollers and kids' bikes, so the children know just where to store them when not in use.

• Separate categories of toys (baseball equipment, sand and digging toys) and place in labeled tubs and bins making sure they are easy for kids to reach.

• Establish wall space on one side of the garage as the location to store portable chairs, hung up with a simple nail.
Rick's fixes added:

• Using vertical storage to get large items such as the cooler up off the floor with a tall and deep shelving unit.

• Containing pool chemicals, automotive supplies and other kid unfriendly items in a closed door cabinet secured with a child proof lock.

• Repurposing the existing wood shelves to a better location so the Tonka Truck brigade could fit all in one spot, right at the kids' level.

The true test for success was when Stacy Carik rolled her family packed van into the garage stall, with room to spare. If you're looking for ways to maximize your space, not just in the garage but anywhere in your home contact pro organizer Louise Kurzeka of Everything's Together and custom planner Rick Lyrek of Closets for Life.

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