Eleven Who Care Winner: Dave Harmann

9:32 AM, Jan 25, 2012   |    comments
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ANNANDALE, Minn. -- You can hear the sound of the air gun going as Dave Harmann works on yet another project at Camp Friendship in Annandale.

"There really isn't much he can't do. You ask him to do it and he'll take care of it," says Edward Stracke, with Friendship Ventures, the organization that runs Camp Friendship.

Over the years Dave Harmann has played the role of carpenter, painter and even a plumber, but his most important role is that of volunteer.

"He's just one of those people where you wish you had ten of them," says Stracke.

For nearly 30 years Dave Harmann has been lending his skills to the camp which serves as a place for children and adults with development disabilities to enjoy the outdoors.

"I've done everything from painting vehicles to doing remodeling in homes to doing exciting stuff like changing toilets," jokes Dave about duty list.

It's true that no job is too big or task too small for Dave, and when you ask him why he does it, the answer is simple.

"It's just part of the family. It's what we do," says Harmann.

"When you think about true service, that's Dave. He does it without needing or wanting or desiring any kind of recognition and sometimes it's hard to find people like that," says Stracke.

When Dave retired a few years ago he took on yet another volunteer role. On Tuesdays you'll find him tutoring at Whittier Elementary School in Minneapolis.

"Okay, I'm going to give you a really tough one," Dave says to his student.

As a former engineer at General Mills, Dave uses his math skills to help the students succeed.

"If the tutoring I do leads to one student graduating from high school that otherwise would not have, then I guess it was worth the time I spent here," says Harmann.

Dave's wife is a tutor too, and both his children have volunteered at Camp Friendship over the years. So, when he says it's in the family, he's not kidding.

"I say I'm a better person because I've known Dave. Our organization is better because of Dave. He's had that much of an impact on our organization," says Stracke.

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