Perk Junior is a Packers fan!?

9:00 AM, Feb 8, 2011   |    comments
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I've always tried to do the right thing in life.  Look both ways before crossing, don't tuck my sweater into my jeans, respect my elders, etc.

But I think something has gone terribly wrong with my 4-year-old son.

I think he may have just become a Packers fan for life!

Perk Junior as I'll call him, started to really develop a sense of competitiveness in the last year or so.  If he was racing his sister up the stairs, he had to be first.  If Chutes and Ladders was the game of choice, same scenario. 

On the flip side, if he wasn't the winner, Perk Junior would throw a fit.  We even had to institute a rule between he and Sissy.  Whenever a winner was declared, the runner up would have to shake hands and offer congratulations.

Fast forward to this football season.  Armed with a new Favre jersey because the Sharper jersey from the year before had become dead to us, Perk Jr. started to really develop an affinity for football.  Now the competitive fire transferred from Candyland to the NFL!

I bought him a set of plastic tiny toy helmets so he could learn the logos of the teams.

As his appreciation for pro football elevated, so did his devotion to the Vikings.

But, not wanting to be affiliated with a loser, Perk Jr. sought another team to latch onto.

For some reason that led him to the New York Jets.  And when they beat the Patriots in the playoffs he was on cloud nine.  But the following week, the Steelers beat his newfound beloved Jets.  How dare they!

Of course Perk Jr, would root for the Packers to beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl!

And now that they've won, his tiny Packers helmet is the only one left in his room.  The others are in the closet.  And to cement the Packer-backing even further, his initials are GBP, just like the Green Bay Packers.  Destiny?

Oh boy,


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